• Messianic Music Compilation || One New Man Worship: Israel

FROM THE PRODUCER of the internationally acclaimed ADONAI comes a new series that brings together Jew and non-Jew from the ends of the earth to worship as ONE NEW MAN. For the first time ever, this ambitious series will seek to capture this powerful combined worship from every continent—Asia, Africa, North & South America, Europe, Australia, Antarctica— demonstrating God’s promise of peace as the children of Covenant and Grace join as One in the Messiah.

1. Shnat Ha Yovel (The Year Of Jubilee) – Paul Wilbur & Batya Segal

2. Hear O Israel (Sh'Ma Yisrael) – Jordan Elias

3. The Lord's Prayer (Avinu)

4. Bo Ruach Elohim (Come, Spirit Of God)  - Daniel Kopp & Sarah Liberman

5. Seh HaElohim (Lamb Of God) - Karen Davis

6. Hineh Lo Yanum (Behold! He Will Not Slumber) - Barry & Batya Segal

7. Be'Libi Tzfanti (In My Heart I've Hidden) - Roy Kendall & Nomi Pritz

8. Baruch Atah Adonai (Blessed Are You Lord) - Marc Chopinsky

9. Ten La' Esh Lipol (Let The Fire Fall) - Judah Morrison, Jennifer Morrison

10. On Your Walls O Jerusalem (Al Chomatayeech Yerushalayim) - Barry & Batya Segal

11. Scarlet (Shani) - Jordan Elias

12. Kadosh Atah (You Are Holy) - Karen Seguin, David Seguin

13. Elohim (And The Angels Sing) - Sar Shalom

14. Son Of David (Ben David) - Chuck King

15. Baruch Haba Yeshua (Blessed Is He Who Comes, Yeshua!) - Karen Davis

16. The Aaronic Blessing - Evan Levine

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Messianic Music Compilation || One New Man Worship: Israel

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