• Les Morrison - Messianic Violin

Messianic Violin is a timeless collection on Praise and Worship from Galilee of the Nations. Combining Messianic classics like "Kadosh" and "Jew & Gentile," with some of the most well known songs from Galilee of the Nations, violinist Les Morrison plays with a passion for Adonai and a burning heart for Israel. His soothing melodies on his stringed instrument will draw you into the presence of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah!

1. Baruch Adonai

2. On Your Walls O Jerusalem

3. Kadosh

4. Jew & Gentile

5. Ma Navu

6. Be'Mayim Zakim

7. Zealous Over Zion

8. Babylon

9. Holy Unto You

10. Arise

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Les Morrison - Messianic Violin

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