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This book will give you a better under standing of the loving instructions the God of Israel gave to His people. It lists the 613 Laws of the Torah and explains how they apply to Believers today. It also examines the attitudes and teachings of Messiah Yeshua and the Apostle Paul toward the Mosaic law.

“You’re trying to put me under the Law!” This cry is often heard from many Christians when presented with the Laws and Commandments of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Is their cry justified?

This invaluable book will help you to thoughtfully examine the precepts the Holy One gave to His people through Moses.

Read it and see that the Father’s commandments were given for the physical and spiritual guidance of His people Israel. His judgments and precepts were given, not to punish them, but to guide them, both as individuals and a nation. They were given to help them become a strong, healthy, and blessed people.

This handy book conveniently list the 613 laws divided into Mandatory Commandments and Prohibitions (according to Jewish custom), plus the Scripture verse(s) from which each law is derived.

YHVH’s Word is medicine, and nothing is more symbolic of His Word than the “Two Tablets” on which He wrote His desires for us. Taken daily, these “Two Tablets” will give us life more abundantly. This reference book should be in every Believer’s library. It is a must-read!

Table of Contents

  • Under The Law?
  • Y’shua’s Attitude Toward The Law
  • Our Need For Law And Order
  • YHVH’s Law Or Man’s Law?
  • Paul And The Law
  • Principles Of The Protestant Reformation
  • What Attitude Should We Have Toward the Law?
  • The Decalogue: The Ten Commandments
  • Mandatory Commandments
  • Prohibitions

Paper, 96 pages

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Take Two Tablets Daily - Angus Wootten

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