Fully translates single words, sentences, emails and web sites!

Super Targumatik can translate complete texts and web pages between English and Hebrew for Professional Translation

Super Targumatik works on your Internet in real time, in your emails, and in your word processor. It's a translation tool that interprets quickly and can save significant time because it executes rapidly the translation and interpretation between Hebrew and English and in seconds the user receives a preliminary draft of the translated text.


The text or the translated site is viewable in a parallel window to the text of the source which enables the reader to compare the result with its source which is also helpful to the user to learn the second language.

Super Targumatik works interactively with word processors in a simple way:
Copy a word from the word processor to the clipboard, paste in Super Targumatik and translate the text, then paste the translation interpretation back in the word processor.

Can easily translate Web Sites between Hebrew and English so that any page on the internet can be viewed!


For Advanced Translation Needs

Functions of the Super Targumatik:

Text Translation - long passages
Internet Translation - full webpages
Sentence Translation - with clarity
Full Dictionary - define words
Expressions - native idioms and phrases

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Super Targumatik

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