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The most advanced Hebrew/English word processor on the planet is now available in a spectacular, ALL-NEW version that's even more user-friendly and powerful! DavkaWriter Platinum provides helpful, sophisticated, easy-to-use tools incorporating the latest advances in word-processing technology. No other program can match its combination of ease of use and flexibility!

Advanced Hebrew Word Processing ­ DavkaWriter Platinum 7

With this version of Davka Writer you can turn (with one click!) any DavkaWriter document into a PDF file. This means that you now can send documents with Hebrew text to anyone, even to people that don't have Hebrew on their computer. Davka Writer will embed all the fonts including nikkud into the PDF document.

Plus the entire Bible (Tanach) with vowels (Nikud) and Cantillations/Tropes (ta'amim)! Also uncludes the Mishnayot, the full text of the Ashkenaz and Sefard Siddur, and the Rashi on Chumash, all with vowels!

DavkaWriter 7 includes twenty-five enhancements that will make your word processing more efficient, productive, and enjoyable. Here are just a few:

  • Modern program interface featuring the Multi-Toolbar and Object Toolbox
  • Draggable document tabs for efficient on-screen organization
  • Documents can be dragged to make separate groups of tabbed documents
  • Customizable application look
  • Multiple object selection
  • Zoom slider adjusts page zoom instantly
  • Screen Shot captures any part of the screen and saves as a graphic
  • Master Pages assists in creating consistent layouts in documents
  • Document Comparison finds similarities and differences between files
  • Text Library Additions - Torah/Haftarah readings and Rashi on Chumash
  • Fifty-five masterfully crafted Hebrew fonts
  • Two separate lists of recently-used fonts, one for Hebrew and one for English
  • Three hundred and eighty clip art images from the DavkaGraphics collections
  • Full-screen mode for viewing your document without clutter
  • Nudge currently selected object, or objects, via arrow keys
  • Hovering mouse over a document tab shows the path of the document's folder and location
  • Status bar displays the currently-scrolled page and the currently-selected text position
  • Work with two pages, side by side, without entering page preview mode

DavkaWriter 7 is a fully featured Hebrew/English word processor with advanced enhancements included as standard. It's simple to use, yet exceptionally powerful. You won't find better value in a Hebrew word processor anywhere.

Advanced Features:

davkawriter Export files to Adobe® PDF format
davkawriter Auto Spell Check checks spelling as you type, in Hebrew and English 
davkawriter Powerful macro editor automates complex and repetitive tasks 
Hebrew word processor Hundreds of decorative and patterned page borders
Hebrew-English Widow and orphan control
write hebrew Balanced columns
davka writer Printing of booklets, thumbnails, and custom-sizeddocuments
davka writer Coloring of nikud and trop
Hebrew word processor Dozens of templates
Hebrew-English English Thesaurus
Hebrew word processor Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
davkawriter Complete text of Siddur with nikkud 

  • PowerStyles -- Make font, style, and paragraph changes quickly, efficiently, and automatically!
  • Precise paragraph formatting -- Set all attributes through a handy dialog box!
  • Mail Merge -- Create and print form letters with ease!
  • Label and Envelope Printing -- Print on a wide variety of Avery label templates, from mailing labels and stickers to CD labels!
  • Page Borders -- Add an extra dimension to your projects with decorative and colorful borders!
  • Export DavkaWriter files as HTML -- Great for designing Hebrew/English Web pages!
  • Print Preview -- Completely rewritten feature. Allows display of up to six pages side by side, in either Hebrew or English, and the ability to edit documents from within Preview mode!
  • Insert Document -- Insert the entire contents of one document at the end of another file!

Welcome to DavkaWriter Platinum 7 -- the most advanced Hebrew/English word processor on the planet!     
Davka Writer 7
 is easy to learn and use -- you'll be up and running within minutes. Its interface is smooth and friendly, but don't be fooled -- it is packed with powerful features unmatched by the competition. All its features are instantly accessible and available, from PowerStyles to Print Preview, from Page Borders to Text Boxes. 
It switches easily between Hebrew and English, and its on-screen keyboard makes it easy to enter text. Yet, beneath the ease and simplicity lies a powerful and sophisticated word processor.
  • Text Boxes -- Compose text and move it anywhere on the page!
  • Flowed Text -- Link text boxes to create multiple sets of text, flowing from page to page!
  • Automatic bulleting, numbering and outlining -- Great for creating and organizing information!
  • Borders around graphics and watermarks -- Adds that special touch!
  • Find in Files command -- Search for any word or words, in Hebrew or English, throughout your entire DavkaWriter file directory, and view the results in a flash!
  • Drag and drop editing, unlimited undo of previous actions
  • Easy-to-use, customized placement of nekudot and trop with Intelli-Accent
  • Context sensitive menus, live scrolling, and customizable toolbars
  • Large selection of Hebrew and English fonts, listed and previewed separately
  • Nekudot and trop can appear in any Hebrew font
  • Yiddish support -- full entry of all Yiddish -specific Hebrew characters, including YIVO!
  • Drop Caps
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Inserts tables, columns, and graphics easily
  • Footnotes, headers and footers are easily inserted
  • Allows for the creation of templates

Pro features for creating sophisticated documents!

davkawriter Drawing layer-Place all graphical elements anywhere, with a variety of text-wrapping options
Hebrew word processor Use text boxes to place text anywhere and flow it from box to box
Hebrew-English Customizable keyboard shortcuts, toolbars and menus
write hebrew Drop caps -- by the letter or by the word
write hebrew PowerStyles -- Control font, style, and paragraph automatically
davka writer Select by Style ­ Change only the text that's in a specific font, size and style
davkawriter Print Preview of up to 6 pages side by side ­ and edit while you preview

Amazing Add-Ons: DavkaWriter Platinum 7 comes with a full suite of useful add-ons that make it a truly complete product.
  • 380 clip art images from the DavkaGraphics Collection
  • Tanach with nikud and trop
  • Mishnayot with nikud
  • Full text of Ashkenaz Siddur and Sefard Siddur, with nikud
  • Rashi on Chumash with nikud
  • Torah and Haftarah readings 
No other program can match DavkaWriter's combination of powerful features, ease-of-use, and flexibility! If you've been waiting for a friendly, yet powerful product that takes Hebrew/ English word processing to the next level, there's only one choice - DavkaWriter!

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Davka Writer 7

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