4 blue strings and 12 white strings, hand-tied with local store bought, cotton thread.

The traditional explanation of the knots and wrappings:

Hebrew letters (the Aleph-Bet) also represent numbers. Therefore, all Hebrew words also have numerical values. 

  • The Ashenazic method of 7, 8, 11 and 13 has a total value of 39 which numerically represents the Shama, or Yahweh is one.
  • The Sephardic method of tying represents a letter in the Name Yahweh. 10 = YUD, 5 = HEY, 6 = VAV  and 5 = HEY.

The blue thread scripturally respresents the Torah, but it is also called the “shammash,” which means “servant.”  Messiah Yeshua, the Servant of Yahweh who is also the living Torah, is represented in this blue string.

There is no set way to tie, nor are the colors limited to just blue and white. The only requirement is a ribband of blue...the rest is up to you.

All tallits come with the blue string (techelet) tied directly on the garment.

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100% Cotton Tied Tzitzit

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