Hebrew Bible Reader
the Whole Torah Narrated and Translated 
in the Accent of your Choice

Including all five books of the Torah

Essential Hebrew Bible Reading Tool - Interlinear Translation Technology

This product includes all five books of Moshe translated word by word

with included narration right in the program!

Five books of Moses:

Genesis - Beresheet 
Exodus - Shemot
Leviticus - Vayikra
Deuteronomy - Bemidbar
Numbers - Devarim  

Hebrew Bible Reader teaches the meaning and pronunciation of every Hebrew word in the Bible. It teaches one word at a time. You study by either clicking on a Hebrew Word and listening to it’s syllable by syllable pronunciation or clicking and hearing the Hebrew Word’s pronunciation PLUS the English Translation highlighted right below the Hebrew word in a new interlinear technology. The software also permits you to copy and paste the full Bible Chapter with its vowels into your favorite Word Processor for study away from the computer. 

"Hebrew Bible Reader" can read and translate in auto mode, or you can set the pace of study that suits you best. We all know that a good foundation in Bible Vocabulary is essential to understanding the Bible. "Hebrew Bible Reader" will give you that, and more. It will increase your Hebrew Reading ability and comprehension. It is an essential Bible Study tool, that will help you develop Bible Study skills that will last a lifetime. 

Features - Hebrew Bible Reader - All Five Books

    • All Five Books of the Torah are included in this set
    • Every word is narrated by a human voice
    • Ability to Select Hebrew dialect with Ashkenazi, Chassidic, or Sephardic choices
    • Every Word Pronounced syllable by syllable
    • Study at your own pace, independently
    • Ability to listen to Narration without Translation
    • Listen to the Narration while reading the Translation
    • The Hebrew Words are translated in the context of the sentence, not from an external dictionary
    • Large print Hebrew text with vowels for easy reading
    • Ability to Customize the speed of the narration
    • Easy interface for navigation of the Bible
    • Study by word, sentence, or chapter
    • Copy & Print Bible text for study on paper, away from a computer

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Hebrew Bible Reader - All Five Books

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