Explore the Mishkan: The Tabernacle...

with an interactive multimedia experience

This breakthrough educational software program is an astounding and unprecedented achievement in the audiovisual presentation of Torah knowledge!!

Also receive the Hebrew/English Mishkan's Phonetic Biblical reference Guide with Hebrew narration. Text presented on CD-ROM with advanced PDF with sound.



  • Each verse with translation
  • Photo-realistic illustrations
  • Alternate opinions
  • Detailed dimensions
  • Animations of the details in the verse
  • Audio commentary
  • Flowing Chumash/Rashi text with elucidation


  • Watch the Mishkan, its vessels, and the Kohen's garments being constructed and assemble


  • Take a self-guided tour of the entire Mishkan - YOU are in control

Watch the Mishkan being built and see the vessels being assembled:

  • Fly above it for a birds-eye view
  • Watch the details of each vessel and the Kohen Gadolís garments come to life

Explore verses in amazing detail:

  • See detailed photo-realistic images, including dimensions and alternate opinions
  • Watch verses come to life through animation
  • Rotate 3D models of the sacred vessels
  • Zoom in for a close-up view
  • Listen to a master teacher explaining a complex verse
  • Bring up the classic ArtScroll Rashi, fully translated and elucidated
  • Intuitive user interface

This item is software on DVD disk, and will play in any Windows computer! COMPLETELY SELF-CONTAINED. REQUIRES NO INTERNET.

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Explore the Mishkan: The Tabernacle

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