• Natural Wood Draydel

Celebrate the everyday miracles on this holiday of miracles.


1 Dreidel

A bunch of small items to act as counters. Raisins, pretzel sticks, M&M's, chocolate coins, beans.

Game Play:

  • Divide the counters equally among the players. 
  • Every player contributes one counter into a central pile. This becomes the "pot." 
  • Players spin the dreidel in turn and contribute or collect items from the pot based upon which letter faces up when the dreidel stops its spin.

נ - Nun - Nisht - the player collects nothing from the pot. 

ג - Gimmel - Gantz - the player gets it all. 

ה - Hey - Halb - The player collects half of the pot. 

ש - Shin - Shtel - The player sets one of his own items into the pot. 


The player who gains the most items wins.

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Natural Wood Draydel

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