8"-10" Mini Ram's Horn Shofar

The Shofar is a reminder of the ram that Yahweh provided when Abraham offered his son Isaac on Mount Moriah.

  • Organic, varying in color, texture and finish. Our shofars come from real animals, and thus each is a unique instrument, no matter what size you choose to buy, it will truly be one of a kind. 
  • Tested before shipping
  • Measured following the curve

Never buy a Shofar based only on it being Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large. Always find out how many inches a size represents.

Example: Small = 26-31", Medium = 32-35", Large = 36-39", etc.

Without a number of inches being assigned to a size, you could get almost anything.

Example: You order an X-Large, and you receive a 33" Shofar. Without dimensions discussed up front, you got what you ordered - an X-Large. The standard measurement for Shofars in the U.S. is around the curve. A 33" Shofar will measure 33" around the curve, not from tip to tip.

An "Easy Play" Rams Horn shofar is not cut off or shortened in any way.  It keeps its long, slender elegant shofar look.  The shofar mouthpiece is ground out to its widest possible point, making it easier to play without destroying it's looks.

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Ram's Horn Size: Mini

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  • $35.00

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